Florida Keys Mahi

Florida Keys Offshore Fishing Charters

Offshore fishing charters in the Florida Keys are always an adventure. Depending on the season and weather, offshore fishing can include any number of fishing techniques. Sight fishing involves the Captain looking for visual indicators of fish from the tower and pointing to the fish he sees while having his mate pitch baits directly in front of fish. Trolling involves the captain positioning the boat to drag a spread of baits by a school of fish, floating objects that hold bait or weed lines. Kite fishing involves flying a kite with several lines attached via quick release clips and dangling baits from the sky as they splash around on or near the surface. Bottom fishing offshore is also possible with an electric rod and reel allowing baits to be lowered from 600-1500 feet down to catch Swordfish, Snowy Grouper, Thresher Sharks and more!

Located in the hidden gem of Key Colony Beach, adjacent to Marathon, Florida, our clients get access to some of the best fishing in the world. Our fishing grounds are located in-between Key West and Islamorada. The famous Marathon Hump is almost a straight shot out of our Marina offering some of the best Blackfin Tuna fishing in the world.

What We Catch Offshore

Below you will find some of the species we often catch offshore. These are the most common however we catch MANY more species while fishing offshore.

Florida Offshore Fishing Charters


Mahi is our bread and butter in the Spring and Summer. Usually, they are plentiful and they are always fun to catch. Once we hook one or two typically an entire school follows and settles in behind the boat. If you’re looking for some meat for great fried fish, Mahi is the ticket. Sometimes we even catch Slammer sized Mahi that can weigh over 50lbs!

Blackfin Tuna Trips


We catch Blackfin Tuna often on or around the Marathon Hump. They range from 3-5 pounds on the troll to over 20lbs on live bait. This fish offers melt in your mouth meat that is incredible for making sushi and Tuna nachos. Be prepared to wind fast when you hook one, Sharks like to eat Tuna as much as we do!

Florida Keys Sailfish Charters


Sailfish are near the top of every angler’s bucket list. One of the most sought after Sportfish in the world due to it’s challenging high-speed acrobatic abilities once hooked. We practice Catch and Release for these beautiful Sportfish. We offer fiberglass taxidermy mounts that do not require killing the fish.

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