Florida Keys Yellowtail Snapper

Florida Keys Reef Fishing Charters

Reef fishing trips are a great way to get out on the water, relax, and catch some fish. Reef fishing is also great for beginners and young children. The reef is located a short ride from our dock allowing you to have plenty of fishing time. A successful 4 hour half day trip can yield a good amount of tasty fresh fish and make for some great vacation memories. Reef fishing is also a smart way to start longer trips as well. Consider combining your Reef trip with Wreck fishing to hunt for some monster fish after you’ve caught your dinner!

What We Catch On The Reef

Below you will find some of the species we commonly catch on the reef.
All together there are more than 15 species we catch on the reef!

Yellowtail Snapper


The delicious Yellowtail Snapper is a staple of reef fishing in the Florida Keys. It takes some finesse to catch them and they are a blast to fight on lighter tackle. Typically we target them in the Wintertime when it is a bit cooler. Once you caught enough food on the reef feel free to combo your reef trip into some wreck fishing for a shot at some monster fish!

Mangrove Snapper


Similar to Yellowtail in flavor, Mangrove Snapper is also quite good to eat and kids love catching them just as much. Mangrove Snapper is plentiful in the Summertime, especially during their spawn. Consider a reef/offshore combo trip in June or July to fill up on these early in the morning and then go hunting offshore for Mahi.


Mackerel come in 3 species in the Florida Keys. King, Cero, and Spanish. King Mackerel tends to offer the best fight as they can grow to well over 50lbs. While Cero and Spanish are smaller they have a fantastic sushi-grade food quality to them. Mackerel are caught in the Wintertime typically when a cooler northerly wind is blowing. They tend to crash your baits behind the boat for an exciting opportunity. Mackerel can also be caught while targeting Sailfish on the Kite.

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